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Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the
Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let
the world corrupt you.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Please read. This little one needs a "forever family"!

Buttons with Pillow
One Less?
Will you help Ladybug, and make it one less?

Hi His Hands Family,

Buttons Eating Yogurt
Do you remember last December when you received a special e-mail about a baby everyone called "Buttons"? I know you have been keeping up with his progress and it is amazing what has taken place in his life as a result of all your all your prayers, concern and a very special family that God had picked out just for him. Well...I've said all of that to say I am another one of those special babies that has been referred to His Hands Taiwan. My Aunties call me Ladybug, they say they call me that because I am so cute. They say I am extra special so they want a family, who has completed their homestudy, to choose me. When I was born I had no heartbeat. I found it impossiblfirst visite to breath with a rope wrapped around my neck two times, they called it my umbilical cord. Just as Buttons had his difficulties, I have come to the House of Hope with my own special needs.

The first time I met the team of His Handsteam first visit Taiwan was about three months ago. I knew they had to be very special people because even though they had been told about my "special needs", they were still willing to come and visit me. They were so excited to hold me. Some of them were even crying and smiling as they looked at me. They were all ready to bring me home but the doctor told them that I had trouble swallowing and sucking. They huddled in a circle and came back crying without any smiles this time. They said I was too hard to look after so they left me in my hospital bed. What they didn't know is that I just don't like things to touch my lips. You see, so many of the people helping me have put things in my mouth that hurt me, like a breathing tube, a suction tube and a feeding tube.

A month later two of the beautiful women from His Hands came to visit me again. I decided that I would let them touch my lips this time in hopes that they would take me home.  I 'showed-off' and rae fangdrank 30cc's of milk. Even though I let them touch my mouth they left me. I could tell by the look on their faces they were not happy about leaving without me and I just had a feeling I would be seeing them again. 

Last week we met again and this time they made a GREAT choice and decided to bring me home. I have decided that I will not drink and I will cry if anyone touches my mouth.  My aunties tell me that I will quickly learn how to use a bottle but they do not know how stubborn I am. I am hoping they just give up because being fed through my tube is just fine by me. I think eating through the tube is much easier for them too. They do lifting head upnot have to fuss with bottles and stopping throughout the day to feed me. They just have to hook me up to the syringe and gravity does the rest. Once I am old enough to eat solid foods I am hoping all this will change. I know they have all been doing a lot of research and I hear rumors that I will be able to chew and swallow when I am a little bit older. I just don't get the sucking thing, why would I want to suck on rubber???? They have tried to put a rubber thing in my mouth and it had no flavor, I think I heard them calling it a pacifier, all I can say about that is YUCK!!!

I have overheard my aunties whispering to one another about how easy I am at night. When I was a few days old I gave the sleeping and eatingdoctors and nurses a scare by shaking my whole body. After that they gave some medicine each night to be sure it did not happen again. This medicine makes me very, very, very sleepy so I usually go to bed at 8:00pm and sleep until 8:00am. I think this makes me a very boring baby but my aunties do not seem to mind.

Currently I feel very secure, I get a lot of attention, a lot of snuggles ...well just let me say everything I need is well taken care of. I've seen other babies where I am staying and I hear people talking about a "forever family",  I'm not sure what that means. I have decided I am not going to concern myself with wearing dresswhatever that is. I know these aunties are taking care of me now and when my "forever family" comes to get me I will understand. Just as you prayed for Buttons I would like to ask that you pray for me. From reading the above you have an idea of the needs I have. I am sure you will be hearing more from me soon. Thanks for your prayers!!!!

I love you all already,


malachi and ladybug
Here I am with my Aunt Cheryl, Uncle John, and my new friend Malachi.

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